Discord – Town Hall 10 Teaser/Labyrinth Farming Base

Hi fellows, today I’m gonna bring to you an unique teaser farming base for Town Hall 10 with the an outstanding labyrinth style, which can create chaos among the enemy troops with the deterring teaser at the bottom and the deadly labyrinth at the top…


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Unlurable CC Non-Anti-Earthquake Spell
Can’t Freeze both Infernos WTs are pretty close to Ads
Anti-Lava Hound
Infernos covering Storages
Perfect protection for DE Storage
Innovative Air Sweeper placements

Base Mechanics

The anti-Giant is one of the best features of this base, let’s take a look at it at first!


Not matter where the attackers start attacking, their Giants always go around the outer layer at the top and go inside the path because of the Hidden Tesla. These gaps will lure the enemy Giants inside and prevent them from turning into your Archer Queen. With those nice trap placements, we all know what will happen to those troops. Because this is a symmetric base so the opposite side works the same as this side.

At the top, there are couples of Collectors and Builder Hut for funneling support troops which don’t have favorite target into the range of the two Mortars. After that, they will be moved out within seconds.


Wall Breakers are not a big deal of this base layout at all. Let’s take a look at the tow corners covering the Dark Elixir Drill in the screenshot above. If the attackers deploy Wall Breakers from the top, the Giants will always target the Archer Towers, not the Mortars inside and will be still stuck inside the path as we discussed above. A nice Jump Spell placement can do this job, but Wall Breakers will never can do that!

Most Southern Teaser bases have the same weakness is being attacked from the East/West sides, after that the attackers can use Jump Spell to reach the core easily. But this base is totally different. If the enemies attack from the sides, the Giants will target the Cannon and then the Archer Tower, Air Defenses/Mortar. Regardless of the Jump Spell, the Giants will never target the Inferno Tower.


Take a look at this screenshot below, you can clearly see that a single Freeze Spell can’t cover all two Inferno Towers, this is one of the most important features that all TH10 bases need to have.

Two Air Sweepers in the core can stop all air attacks from the North and they can cover each other perfectly. With the crossing positions, no one can attack from both the Northeast and Northwest at the same time with air compositions. This feature warrants that the attackers can’t get more than 3 Storages per attack.

Moreover, the Heroes are all located outside of the core for preventing them luring the enemy troops to the core, keep key defenses safe.


Although Wizard Towers are placed pretty close to the Air Defenses and not good for dealing with Lava Hound but the Air Defenses can lure the Lava Hounds out easily through the South like the Anti-Giant feature. After that, Balloons will be exposed and taken down easily.

Truly, this base has prefect features as well as lots of teasers, If the attackers either rush a bit or don’t have experience, they will be tricked badly.



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