Discindo – Labyrinth Farming Base for Town Hall 7

Discindo is a new farming base layout for Town Hall 7 players. This base was designed by DerQuincy, a base creator with special love with with labyrinth style.

Not like most other TH7 bases, this one focuses on protecting just 1 resource with more compact, prevents the attacker from taking even just 1 Storage. With this outstanding feature, you can protect your Elixir at early and your Gold at late Town Hall 7.

Discindo Farming Base for Town Hall 7

How does this base work?

At the first time we see Discindo, we all think that It is very easy to destroy this base because it is pretty open… Actually, this base is really a terrible challenge for the AI troops. I am going to analyze some typical farming strategies to see how well this base works against them.

Discindo Farming Base for Town Hall 7

Giants are nightmares with most Town Hall 7 bases, but not this one. This base can split Giants away from normal troops like Barbarians, Archers, Minions,… and out of the range of the Wizard Towers – the main target of all GiBarch attacks. No matter where Giants come from, they will never target the Wizard Towers. Your WT will be free to work with normal troops and take them down easily. Spring traps are always ready to make Giants fly before they go inside.

After that, the attackers will have 2 things to do with their remaining troops: Keep attacking until they get that storage or deploy their troops on the other side and hope they can get both Storages.

First Scenario

Discindo Farming Base for Town Hall 7

  1. Barbarian will be attracted by outside buildings and won’t go inside with the Giants. (Yellow lines).
  2. Wall Breakers will be attracted by the Wizard Tower’s compartment, your Bombs will not be trigged. (Black line).
  3. If the attackers want to attack the Gold storage, they will need to deploy their Archers or Goblins next to your Bombs but they can’t attack that Storage because your Tesla is there and your Wizard Tower/Mortar will take them down within seconds.
  4. Air Bomb and Wizard Tower are ready for blowing Minions.

Second Scenario

Discindo Farming Base for Town Hall 7

This base has 1 Mortar in the middle and rarely can be targeted. If the attackers start attacking from this site, it will be the same as the first scenario above.

Defense Logs

Here are couples of logs of this base with various attack strategies.

Discindo Defense Logs

IMO, these defense logs can say everything about this base. It is perfect! As you can see, It’s really hard to get more than 2 Storages from this base even with TH8 powerful army compositions. Only TH9 players with high level Heroes or use Mass Dragons can get 3 stars from this base but don’t worry because TH7 villages rarely get attacked by TH9 players. With this base layout, you can go to TH8 easily without troubles.


  1. I’m a th7 and this base has been great. I’ve been attacked several times and they never get to my DE or gold storages. I’ve lost a small amount of elixir but nothing compared to my past bases. I’ve watched my attack replays and it seems as though it confuses the attacker as to whether they want to “go for it” or not and they waste alot of time trying to decide. Definitely won’t defend against drags or the heavy hitters but fortunately they must pass me by. Great base IMHO and awesome website!


  2. I wasn’t lucky on this layout, always got attacked with 100K each loot lost. Maybe my defenses are not that strong yet to stop such attack. Trying out another though, there are still some good designs here to explore love this site.

  3. Will, I almost saw all the bases of this website. But i could not find a good one. All of them are according to old version. In the new update we have 3 ad and town hall contains much more loot then ever. Please Will post a base which can save all resources perfectly and save from dragon raids.
    And thanks for this site. I saw all other site who present guide for coc. But compared to this site they are ******** and *******. Keep it up and you give response very fast.
    Thank you again.
    You guys ROCK!

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