Deranged: Town Hall 10 Farming Base

This Town Hall 10 farming base simply is a very effective one with plenty of features. This base has been testing by AustinSS for months and during this time, this base rarely has been destroyed more than 2 Elixir Storages and 1 Gold Storage. Mortars, Air Defenses and Wizard Towers aren’t exhausted and cover the whole base.

Town Hall 10 Farming Base

Here are pros and cons of this base:

Pros Cons
Centralized Clan Castle = Unlureable Heroes are outsite
All Storages are protected Don’t have Double Giant Bomb
Each storage has its own compartment
Perfect trap placements

Here are some recent defense logs of this Town Hall 10 farming base. Everything is great!

Very great base overall! I will try to test this farming base and update the results here after a week!


  1. if DE drills are v6, they need protection. You can fit heroes at centre if u remove that useless bump of walls next to tesla. (ull have to place two teslas somewhere else. Just send the new pics after uve done these changes.

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