Deception: Anti-Hog and Air Trophy Base for TH9

I found this great base design from mpoh98 yesterday. I think all Town Hall 9 Clashers who are pushing trophy should see these great designs. Not only your Town Hall, but also all your resources will be protected perfectly! This base was inspired by plenty of other amazing bases. By the way, don’t forget to visit Top Clash of Clans Base Designs for other town halls!


Deception Base Design Features:

  • Symmetrical: Clean and dangerous.
  • Anti Hog: Secret Hog ring that wrecks hogs, double giant bomb traps that are protected.
  • Air Defense: Almost centralized, very good for protecting your town from air raids.
  • Clan Castle is almost in the center, so Clan troops cannot be lured.
  • Teslas: Centralized, maximum effect.
  • Xbows: Centralized, better protection.
  • DE Storage in the very center to maximum DE protection
  • Perfect trap placements.
  • Great Point Defense Coverage
  • Centralized heroes for maximum protection.

How this base works?

The base is separated into a classic, 3 section anti-hog base, with a unique twist. The Air Defenses sit in the center/2nd layer, which usually means that the base will not be anti-hog. However, my base is. The 2 closest defenses to the Air defense are the outer point defenses, so the hogs will still follow the hog ring and get destroyed. I also placed 2 cannons outside the base right in front of the double giant bomb traps, so you cannot get rid of those, and the hogs will die instantaneously. A hidden tesla also lies on the outside on the side of the Clan Castle, so the CC is basically unlurable. The air defenses in the center also work amazingly well against air, and if air does make it to the core, my air bombs/mines + teslas + x-bows wreck what is left.

And here, what we are waiting for, the full design of this base:

deception-anti-hog-and-air-trophy-base-for-town-hall-9-1 deception-anti-hog-and-air-trophy-base-for-town-hall-9-2 deception-anti-hog-and-air-trophy-base-for-town-hall-9-3 deception-anti-hog-and-air-trophy-base-for-town-hall-9-4

The base does its job very well, here is the Defense log:

deception-anti-hog-and-air-trophy-base-for-town-hall-9-defense-log-2 deception-anti-hog-and-air-trophy-base-for-town-hall-9-defense-log-1

Well done, perfect defense base design for TH 9. Thank you again, mpoh98!

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