Crux: Flawless Farming Base Layout for Town Hall 9/10

This is the new version of the old Crux base from Ash which was introduced to you on CoCland couples of months ago. This version with the second Air Sweeper and plenty of new improvements, which has been tested by a large number of testers for weeks, bring to all your resources the flawless protection!

There are 2 version of this layout: One for Town Hall 9 and the another one is for Town Hall 10.

Crux Town Hall 9 Farming Layout

Crux Town Hall 9 Farming Layout

Crux Town Hall 10 Farming Layout

Crux Town Hall 10 Farming Layout

The Crux’s Features

Solid Core

Solid Core

The core of the Crus is surrounded by all high HP storages, which work as the big wall for point defensive buildings inside. Skeleton traps are placed deep inside and cannot be activated If the enemy troops don’t break inside the core.

Balanced Storage Protection

  • All Storages are located in different compartments. It is pretty hard for the attackers to raid them all.
  • Centralized Dark Elixir Storage is heavily protected by plenty of point defensive buildings as well as splash damage defense and high HP storages.
  • Defenses in the core give the storage outside a perfect protection. The enemy troops will be hurt badly while they are working on those high HP Storages.
  • Giant Bombs are placed between storages for much more protection.


Giants are pretty cheap and very effective for farming. All decent farming layouts need to have this anti-giant feature.


Blue and red lines in the screenshot above show you the directions of funneled Giants. They will go around the base and will be either flown off by Spring Traps or hit till death by defenses nearby. Well-placed Spring Traps can catch up to couples of Hog Riders and Giants at a time when they are traveling around the base.

Teslas work perfectly at inner compartments, can’t attract and break the Giants funneling.

Anti-Hog Riders

Anti-Hog Riders

Although this base is not the best layout to stop mass Hog Rider attacks but it can make them hip jump around the base easily which is similar to anti-Giant feature above but also redirect them to the Teslas inside, which are protected by Double Giant Bombs. Bang! Say good bye to Hog Riders!



As you can see in the screenshot above:

  • All Wizard Towers are out of the Air Defenses‘ range so they will not be attracted by Lava Hounds.
  • 2 Seeking Air Mines at the top and bottom can take down a Lava Hound within seconds. Most attackers think these two Air Defenses are a bit exposed and attack from these sides.
  • Well-placed Air Bombs cannot be activated by Lava Hounds.
  • Asymmetrical Air Defense placements increase the difficulty of all air attacks.
  • An Air Sweeper can always protect the core If the another one gets taken down.
  • Core Air Defenses are protected my plenty of defenses.


Anti-Wall Breakers

I always love bases which have this awesome feature. T-Junctions of this base can trick all Wall Breakers when the attackers are trying break inside the core. Moreover, these Junctions are always protected by Wizard Towers and Teslas.

Defense Logs

Here are couples of replays of this bases against some decent attacks so you can see how it works clearly:

LavaLoon + Dragon
GiBarch + Wizards + Heroes
Clash of Clans Witch
GiBarch + Hog Riders+ Heroes

If you are facing Barch, Heroes and ground attacks more than air attacks, you can try to use this version 2.0 for Town Hall 9.

Don’t know what do you think about this base layout but I love it. Gonna use it for the trip to Master I from Gold of my TH9 village!


  1. I keep getting rocked no matter what… Not sure if it’s bc I’m fairly new at TH9 or the amount of loot I usually have for upgrades is too tempting but I’ve had a difficult time finding a decent farming layout.

  2. @windmm:disqus Which base layout will you recommend the most when starting in TH 9: This crux layout or the Cogwheel layout? :-). I have to mention i raid a lot, and currently i’m TH 8 in Masters league 2, which i intend to stay in :).

  3. Great base, but could you please put up some bases for those at mid TH 9 annd don’t have maxed defences and walls as yet. Most of these bases are great, but require stronger defences and walls to work really efficiently. (Android)

    Keep up the great work!

      • Okay,Thanks very much. I am a TH9 player with what you can call ‘rushed’ walls, (i.e Level 6 and 7), however, I do have pretty strong defences including level 3 x-bows. It would be helpful if one of the authors can post a guide to upgrading walls quick and efficiently. Thanks for the reply! (Android)

      • I tried it, but unfortunately a guy quite a bit weaker than me just dropped 4 earth quake spells between the gold and elixir storage and then had a straight shot with level 10 arch queen and healers to the DE.

        • Most bases now are very weak against Earthquake Spells. Luckily we don’t face them much below Champion, We can get 3 stars from all bases, that’s for sure. But the point is how much loot they can save for you!

          • This was bronze, lol. I found there is much better looting way down low. The earthquake spell is a bit overpowering, I 3 starred a guy in clan war this week that was level 10-11 walls, maxed x-bows, lvl 2 infernos, maxed mortars.

  4. Hi I’m a new th9 player so I just recently created new WT and archer tower plus air defense all three of them are still level 1 and I obviously don’t have xbows yet nor the second air sweeper (sorry I’m suck lol ) will this base still work for me? BTW my new walls are lv 6 right now just to let you know

  5. This base is a beast!
    I’ve been using this base for a few months now and it’s been working great for me. Thanks for this awesome base!

    If you’re not convinced by how great this base is, i posted a screenshot of a TH10 unable to even get a star with maxed out troops.

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