Crows – Edge Obstacle Spawning Layout for TH9/10

Hi guys,

These days, I have received lots of requests for a edge obstacle spawning layout. Luckily, I have found this one – Crows, which was designed by Aphrodi. Not only for edge obstacle spawning, this layout also has an impressive protection for the core, where Town Hall and the Dark Elixir Storage are located.


Crows – Town Hall 9 Version


Crows – Town Hall 9.5 Version


Crows – Town Hall 10 Version


This layout can cover the whole base, indeed, and take the control easily in most attacks. The attackers will no longer can snipe your buildings with ease, they always mess around with the defensive ring as well as troops always roam around. And of course, you don’t need to care about upgrading Walls much!


  • Anti-Super Queen.
  • Anti-AQ Core.
  • High Intimidation Factor.
  • Tanker/Support Troop Separation.
  • Unbreakable defensive ring.
  • Works fine with early Town Hall 9 and 10.

The Crows’s Features

The Core

  • The core consists of the Town Hall, a couple of Archer Towers, 2 X-Bows and 4 Hidden Teslas. If they are all maxed, the core can do up to 573 DPS, this is enough to rip the Archer Queen level 30 with 1324 HP.
  • With the special pathing, the Archer Queen always get lured inwards and killed most the times because there is no tanker in front of her.
  • The AQ can’t hit the Dark Elixir Storage unless she can bypass the walls.
  • Fully Anti-Wall Breakers with floating walls and Small Bombs. If you don’t know, a Small Bomb can kill all Wall Beakers nearby.


The Defensive Ring

The enemy Giants, Golems, Hogs and Balloons will always follow the ring below regardless. Well placed Spring Traps and Bombs can take them down easily:


Non Defensive Troop Funneling

The enemy Wizards, Archers, Barbarians, Goblins,…. always get redirected to the Giant Bombs and get completely wiped out.

Defense Logs

Hopefully the defense logs above can impress you!


  1. Hi, tried this base. Got 2 starred but my DE was safe. I think it may work. BTW I m in champions league so my opponents are pretty tough and good. This base will work great at lower leagues to attract noob players. THNX for the base design.

  2. I like the base, but they are all the same. They have an outer ring of defenses, a ring of storage, then a core of dark air defense and archer towers. I guess it is good to have a concept and build off it, though, as I do with funneling. Every one of my bases are meant to funnel enemies into traps or high DPS areas.

    • There is a lot of freeware apps that will work on the android and apple market to let you do what the poster does in their pics. They’ll allow you to upload your images and draw on them.

      • I plan to update with an image of my version tomorrow or Sunday.

        So far.

        x3 1 stars – TH 9/10 attackers

        x6 2 stars -primarily TH 10 attackers.

        x1 3 stars – cause the dude was just a jerk TH 11 attacker going for meager trophies and no loot.

        Overall, the dark elixir and TH is pretty much protected as they either run out of time or are wiped out before getting to the center. None of the 2 or 1 stars even touched the storage for my d.elixir. This is a big thing for my current point in the game.

        I did have to make some changes as the CC was an easy target to draw out defensive troops.

        I moved the Barb king to the spot of the clan castle, relocated just a few things above the TH.

        Moved the Clan Castle in place of the middle Xbow, moving that outside behind the TH. I added the 3rd dark elixir drill where the Barb King is placed on the sample map.

        Other than some minor changes, everything else is the same as the layout above.

        So far I like it. It will be a good base for giving attackers the run around. The down part, TH 11 attackers can over power this easily with witches and the warden. This can probably be remedied by a trophy drop.

        I’ll keep updating as needed.

          • 3 Month Review

            Overall… solid layout.

            Here is the results after 3 months.
            Successful Defend – x91 (especially after the update)
            1 Star raids – x132
            2 Star raids – x186
            3 Star raids – x5

            Times that the DE was taken out – x16

            I found failing to reload, or having too much resources will make you more prone to your DE being taken.I have been able to level up my King and Queen 3 times with this layout.

            I’m toying around with an alternative to protect a specific resource in the center other than DE

  3. This base is awesome… I’ve used it for about a month now in Champion’s league. A good air attack will take it down pretty easily, but air attacks are very rare. Ground attacks have only gotten to the DE store one or two times even with several attacks by near-max TH10 armies. If your objective is to keep DE safe, I highly recommend this base.

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