The Crown: Early Town Hall 10 Farming Base

This The Crown Town Hall 10 farming base is from tboymanster of clan DTP. It has been being tested by tboymanster for months with full storages. This is a great base design, truly.
Are you thinking about its name? Crown means the power or dominion of a sovereign, you cannot touch it lol, or it looks like a crown, from above.

Here is it:


And here are 2 redesigned version of it, they also work very well:

Here are some defense logs of it. With these screenshots, you can know how this base works:

Okay, let’s talk about it in detail.

The Crown TH10 Farming Base Features:

This base has a strong core with:

  • Central Clan Castle: Almost un-lure-able, it can prevent your rivals from destroying your village.
  • 2 Cored Mortars: For slowing down tier 1 troops with dangerous efficiency.
  • Cored Inferno Towers: Super mega ultra over power. Every IT can covers one and a half of two Gold Storages. Heroes can do the IT’s jobs at two sides, where is not fully protected by ITs.
  • Cored XBows: Protect your center perfectly If the outer ring is fallen.
  • Dark Elixir Storage: Do you want to put this buddy outside?

This base has a perfect second layer:

  • Heroes: If your rival attacks from the side without an inferno tower, he’s in for a treat.
  • Air Defenses: Dragons, go away!
  • Gold Storages: This is the best place to place them :).

The third layer:

  • Point Defenses: Kill stuff and draw Baloons, Giants or Hogs around your base.
  • Teslas: Cover the second layer and our lovely storages.
  • Air Defenses:You are doing farm, not pushing trophies. Almost your rivals do not use dragons for raiding in Crystal League.

Perfect traps:

  • Spring Traps: Do you want to see Giants and Hogs fly? Don’t worry about Wall Breakers, Teslas ad Wizard Towers will do their jobs.
  • Giant Bombs: These babes are really expensive. I don’t want to re-arm them every time I visit my village. Place them there because they will rarely popped.
  • Red Air Bombs: Protect your storages from Minions.
  • Black Air Mines: I hate Healers! And other flying things get into my land.
  • Decorations: These ones are really annoying in some cases. By the way, I love flowers!

This base’s outside ring of defenses can draws all troops like Giants, Balloons and Hogs around and kill them off before they can touch your Storages.

Giants and Balloons: There are 3 attacking ways (black, blue and red lines) in the below screenshot. Giants and Ballons cannot attack the Teslas in these cases because they will not close enough to active the Tesla.


Hogs: Hogs are like Giants but they can jump over the Walls. The Air Defense can take their attention, so the attackers will need a Freeze spell to stop the Inferno Tower in a while. If the attackers use hogs for lure your CC troops, they will lost a number of hogs.


Wall Breakers: This base is perfect at anti these skeletons. They cannot come close to the core. The below screenshot shows you most used ways to use Wall Breakers.


To be success with Town Hall 10, the final stage in Clash of Clans, choosing a good base is not all. Ultimate Town Hall 10 Guide will give you plenty of good suggestions!

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