Creating a TH5 Base: Guide for Beginners

Having Town Hall at level 5 means you’re still quite new to Clash of Clans and can’t understand how everything in game actually works…

In this guide, I am going to show you how to create a Th5 base with ease to protect your Town Hall and Storages. This guide is just for help you understand how everything works clearly, after reading, you can build your own base and see how well it works.

As a Town Hall 5 village, I recommend you place the Town Hall outside to take free 12h shield from players who just want to snipe your Town Hall. In Clan Wars, you should place your Town Hall inside to prevent the enemies from taking as many stars as possible.

At first, let me explain what an ideal farming base should have:

  • Potential to protect your elixir and gold.
  • All the defenses should be covered/protected by at least 3 others.

If you are looking for trophies:

  • It should also be able to successfully defend an attack by limiting the damage to under 50%.
  • At TH5, you’re probably looking to earn the 1250 trophies achievement(to earn 450 gems), so you may like to protect your trophies to get there.

Defense at TH5

Town Hall 5 is a really good level for defense, if you get attacked by a TH4 player, you’ve an advantage, if you get attacked by a TH6 player, you shall be able to defend most of their attacks as TH5 doesn’t give them an extra army camp and nor does the laboratory allows them to upgrade their Barch (Barbarians + Archers) to level 4. Level 5 Walls are quite good to defend against Barch attack.

But let me get it straight, you can’t really do much if a TH6/TH7 guys blast your base with 20 giants and a heal spell to first blow up your air defense and then release a healer to add to the party and then archers to clean up, this kind of attack needs a lot of elixir, this rarely happens on a TH5 base.

In my experience, I’ve rarely had any air attacks at TH5 so we’ll not try too hard to protect your base against it.

Creating the Base

I’ve recently upgraded this account of mine to TH6 but luckily I have a screenshot if it at TH5.

An Ideal Town Hall 5 base

If you need the shield and want to go hardcore farming, you can replace the Town Hall with the Clan Castle.

This base works very good against Barch as barbarians and archers would first attack the buildings surrounding the walls, and in the meanwhile the defenses would blow like most of them up, that is the reason everything is very closely packed.

Just to make it easy for the new comers on the game, I recreated it to show the process in some steps to make the understanding easy.


Step 1 is laying down walls. This is a very important step, to complete the setup, we need to use the walls wisely. Walls are very important, not only they have high HP but also they psychologically make it difficult for the attacker to attack on the base.


Step 2 consists of putting down storages and the Town Hall, Every storage is protected by at least 3 defenses.


Step 3, and the most important of all, laying down defenses, laying down of defenses should be such that it is covered by at least 3 defenses, also, make sure you put the mortar in the core of the base and  as the mortar doesn’t attack inside 3.5 tiles of radius, and by putting it in the core, we disable that disadvantage.


Step 4 and the last one, laying down the rest of the buildings, you can do this any way you like it, just make sure that everything is closely packed and there is no free tile. The free tile would be a massive glitch to your base, it can be disastrous.

Also, I’ve put the 3 builder’s hut in the corners as on damaging them, you only get 1-2% damage and if the attacker is running out of time, you can protect a 3 star attack just because it would take the attacker some time to rush to 3 corners and destroy the huts.

I don’t say that this is the best base for TH5, there must be a lot of better ones, but if you follow the instructions and the tips, I’m pretty sure you’ll be a hard defender.


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