Berti’s Teaser TH9 Base for Pushing Trophy

Here is another new Teaser base for Town Hall 9 players, who want to try an easier way to push to Master or even Champion leagues then farm by focus on loot bonus there. After trying lots of base layouts and tweaks, the author of this base, kingcrab65, brings to us this awesome base today!


Pros and Cons


  • Hidden Teslas can deal lots of damage to Heroes and P.E.K.K.As.
  • X-Bows are used as tankers and take down support troops easily.
  • Archer Towers can cover the whole base.
  • High HP Storages at the bottom work as tankers and can take lots of damage. By that time, Giant Bombs can be exploded.
  • Well-placed Spring Traps.
  • Attackers usually think attacking from the bottom is much easier. They are all wrong.
  • Unlurable Clan Castle.
  • Your Heroes can distract the enemy’s Heroes easily and then the Hidden Teslas can do the remaining job.
  • Fake Hidden Tesla 2×2 spots at the top.
  • Works perfectly against GoWiPe, GoWiWi, Hog Riders,…


  • If the enemy Golems can trigger the Giant Bombs before Wizards/Witches go inside, they can take 2 stars easily.
  • Experienced players can attack from the top by using air troops to take at least 1 stars easily.
  • It’s pretty hard to get a shield because most players just can get 20-35%.
  • You need to spend pretty much loot for doing re-arm traps.

Tips and Tricks

You can use this base at plenty of different leagues. Here are some tips for you:

  • 0-1999 trophies: Put the Dark Elixir Storage at the bottom, most attackers just snipe it and then leave your base.
  • 2000-2599 trophies: Most players here use Giants for attacking. Just remember always re-arm your traps.
  • 2600-3199 trophies: The best advice for you at this stage is keeping your tombstones.
  • 3200+ Trophies: This is the goal of this base layout. Lots of players here can get 2-3 stars from your base for sure. But the game is not about defending, attacking well for maintaining your trophies.

Clan troops

Here are some Clan troop combos that work best with this base so far:

  • Level 3 and Below Clan Castle: 1 Giant + Rest Balloons.
  • Level 4 Clan Castle: 2 Balloons, 1 Valkyrie and 5 Archers.
  • Level 5 Clan Castle: 2 Balloons + Dragon.
  • Level 6 Clan Castle (for TH 9.5): 2 Balloons, 1 Witch, 3 Barbarians and 10 Archers.

Defense Logs

Finally here are some impressive defense logs of this base. You can also take a look at the video below for more details!

Amazing teaser base for Town Hall 9 overall! Just try it!


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