Anti-Barch/Giant TH9 Gold/DE Farming Base

This is a new perfect farming base for mid-late Town Hall 9 players from UltraDragonMaster. The main duty of this base is protecting your Gold and Dark Elixir Storage because you need them more than Elixir at mid and late TH9.

Here are some most awesome features of this bases: Protected Air Defenses, Double Giant-Bombs, Heroes inside, pathing, perfect traps placements,… I am going to show you all details about them now.

Firstly, Let’s take a look at our base:

Eon Purge – Town Hall 9 Farming Base

Anti Giant Barch TH9 Farming Base

Pros Cons
Awesome pathing Clan troops can be lured
Anti-Wall Breakers by Wizard Towers Not for protecting Elixir
Perfect trap placements
Heroes in the core
X-Bows are in the core
Perfect Dark Elixir protection

How this Town Hall 9 Farming Base works

Firstly let’s talk about Giants. Giant combos are used a lot at Town Hall 9 because it is quite cheap and very effective. This base works perfectly against those combos with its insane pathing. You can see how exactly it works in the screenshot below. No matter where the attackers drop their Giants, they will come into your funneling and avoid the closest Air Defense. It means Giant-Healer combo will be useless.



This base works perfectly at separating Giants from Wall Breakers. Wall Breakers will not be protected by Giants and will be out!

anti-barch-giant-th9-gold-de-farming-base-5 anti-barch-giant-th9-gold-de-farming-base-6

With the Heroes inside, they can attack the main tankers like Giants, Golems and ruin the attack by luring attacker’s troops.

The Dark Elixir Storage inside is protected by all high damage defensive buildings. It will be really hard for the attackers to use Air Queen to snipe your DE Storage.

 Defense Logs

Here are all most recent defense logs of this Town Hall 9 farming bases. Everything is perfect overall.

I really like this TH9 farming base. What do you think about it?


  1. Mate have been using the base for the last couple of weeks. And I must say there have been very few attacks. People mainly snipe and don’t engage. Those who have engaged haven’t been able to get their hands on the DE. Although they have reached the core, they didn’t live long enough to take the de. Due to that I have tweaked the base slightly by closing out the entry points into the core. Since then no one has been able to get to the core. Air attacks too have failed. Typical attacks on he base lavaloonian, gowipe, gbarch etc.

    On a separate note, cheers to keeping this website going and having some really good quality inputs and info.

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